Friday, December 05, 2003

I'm sure everyone wants to hear about the fun time I had at the MAC Championship game last night. First we had a three-and-a-half hour bus ride to BG, during which I had to listen to the flags complain about how much they didn't like being on the Tuba bus. Personally I think it's great that there is a bus with so much...personality. Besides, it's the only bus I know with rules. Even if they aren't the most orthodox kind. So we get there and the BG fans are just ridiculously rude. They were giving the band bus the finger when we got there, and then when we got into the stadium they were really bad. They threw stuff at us. That is just so stupid. And what kind of school puts up a sign that says "UnFALCONbelieveable!"? They did have some clever signs, I mean, some BG pride is okay--"Mommy and Daddy can't by championships" and "J. Crew doesn't sell championships" but I think that cheering "F*** Miami" is just uncalled for. I'm pretty sure that doesn't happen at MU, at least not to the other team's band. That's just crass. But, we did win, and I'm proud of the Redhawks. And of course, the band did a great job, even though it was a little bit freezing. I think that the thing that made my night, though, was when I was telling my parents what the BG people were yelling at us and then we had a very loud, very spirited, "Hey Bowling Green! The tuba bus says--" and then everyone know what they say, they say exactly what I was telling my parents was so rude. So funny.

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