Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Nativity Scene Roundup

Now that I have my own house to decorate for Christmas, I'm realizing that there were some very specific holiday items in my childhood that my brain used to signify that it was indeed Christmastime. Try as I might, the gorgeous gold ornaments of Adam's childhood just don't get me as excited as some of the chintzy decorations my mom has cast off and let me steal over the last few years. One thing I haven't been allowed to steal is her Precious Moments nativity figurines, and rightfully so, I suppose, because in my memories it was a Very Big Deal to get them all out, arrange them carefully, and restrain myself from playing with them throughout December. (Those little lambs! Oh, they are still so cute to me that it hurts my heart a little.)

So I realized last week that I am missing a nativity scene, and I thought maybe I'd go with something a little more modern than an updated version of the Precious Moments set of my childhood. The truth is, I can't actually afford some of these, but they're so pretty I thought I'd round them all up here to get my fix.

1. A di Alessi Nativity and related figurines at Panik Design - This site has a handful of different Nativity-related figurines by this designer, so you can mix and match your own scene. I love the bright colors!

2. Alexander Girard Nativity at - Another colorful choice, I love the stylized look of this set as well as its sturdiness.

3. Set of 10 Christmas ornaments by Marcello Jori for Alessi at Unica Home - I love the idea of changing it up a little and displaying these on their own mini tree.

4. Cherry Wood Nativity Set at - I like the idea of taking this traditional concept and minimalizing it for a modern look. (Is minimalizing a word? Spell-check is telling me no, but I think you know what I mean.) It's also available in different types of wood.

5. Handmade felt Nativity and stable at - I'm a sucker for anything handmade at the holidays, and this set is no exception.

6. Holy Land Olive-Wood Nativity Set at National Geographic - Another minimalist design, but with a bit more detail. I feel like this would look good in nearly every mountain cabin I've visited in Colorado.

7. Fisher-Price Little People Nativity Set at Kids R Us - Finally, here's one to play with. I think my grandma had this one for my younger cousins when I was growing up. It's a bit friendlier for children than the porcelain one I wasn't supposed to touch (and therefore wanted to all the more). Plus, I have always found Little People toys to be charming.

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