Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Whole Decade

I've been writing here for ten years today. Ten years! I earned two degrees, bought a car, moved across the country, had a handful of jobs, and got married in those years, so I guess you could say I grew up. (Sidenote: I'm very, very grateful that it was the ten years in my twenties and not in my teens, because I cringe when I think of leaving any digital evidence of my crazy teenage brain. If my AIM buddy list profile still exists somewhere, that's probably more than enough.) That's pretty overwhelming to think about.

I went to the Wayback Machine at the Internet Archive and while I couldn't find a preserved version of my blog as it was when I started it, the version from February 2006 warms my heart because not only did I create the title banner myself, at that time I was also painstakingly coding the HTML page design by myself.

I guess that's all I have to say. Maybe I should have put a little more thought into commemorating this milestone, but eh. This blog and I have never really had that kind of relationship. Here's to another ten years, if I can remember a password that long.

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