Sunday, November 04, 2012

What's making me happy this week, XLIV

I had a good week, which came with some great news on the job front (more later, maybe?) and of course Halloween, which we celebrated at Mary's apartment last night. I made our costumes, which were 1. extremely easy and 2. extremely lazy:

Halloween costumes

I made these cute cookies and this spiked cider, both of which I highly recommend. I might even make the cider again for Thanksgiving.

Oh! And after nearly three years in our house, I finally planted some tulip, daffodil, and iris bulbs. I don't love gardening, but I do love brightly colored flowers after a long cold winter. So I'm looking forward to reaping the benefits of today's hard work in four or five wintery months!

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Saranade07 said...

OMG I had fun with spiked cider on Halloween aka I drank too much of it. Delicious.