Sunday, October 21, 2012

What's making me happy this week, XLII

It was so nice to get back to normal this week, but we received the proofs from our wedding photos on Friday so the wedding excitement isn't totally gone. We have some really beautiful photos and I'm excited to share some of them soon!

We went downtown for tacos at Marg's Taco Bistro last night, which happened to coincide with Denver's zombie walk. So we ended up having delicious tacos and margaritas in the presence of some truly gruesome looking people.

Now, what is NOT making me happy is that I need to come up with a Halloween costume. Feel free to leave your ideas, as I have none of my own.

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Saranade07 said...

I'm going as Suri Cruise from Suri's Burn Book (hilarious blog. check it out). Rach was going to go as "Ginger" Ale, but is now super busy on Halloween. That one probably won't work so well for you. I also have a friend going as 50 shades of Gray aka wearing 50 different colors of gray clothing. That I thought was creative. Let me know what you come up with!