Saturday, January 14, 2012

What's making me happy this week (and last week, too)

I was listening to the Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast earlier this week, and I realized how much I enjoy the idea of a segment they do in every episode, What's Making Me Happy This Week. Every time I listen, I try to figure out what I'd say if I had to share something. So I thought I'd start sharing my ideas here, because I can always use an excuse to be more positive and maybe it will keep me posting more regularly.

Because I'm a completist, I'll go ahead and talk about the first two weeks of the year. What made me happy last week was successfully crafting a tassel garland for the New Year's Eve party we threw:

NYE tassel garland

This week, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the How Did This Get Made? podcast episode about the newest Twilight movie, because that movie was terrible. (I actually think terrible is too nice a word for it.) The premise of the podcast is that they watch awful movies (previous episodes include The Wicker Man, Jingle All the Way, Crank 2: High Voltage) and talk about how ridiculous they are.

But the best part of my week was probably when Adam surprised me with breakfast in bed. And not just any breakfast, friends: the aforementioned apple pie oatmeal. (I got a good one, guys!) It was just the right start to today, which included a little shopping and a stop at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants for spicy orange margaritas. We decided to try making our own, so I dug up this recipe online and we are currently enjoying them while watching football. (I only infused the tequila for like three hours instead of two days. It still does the trick.)

Today? Probably the best Saturday ever.

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