Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A new project

Rainbow of squares

My friend Mary is both an eternal optimist and a crafter. Because of this, she is always certain that she can recreate anything she sees online. For example, she made this adorable pillow dollhouse for her niece, and I believe she did it with no pattern or anything.

Anyway, Mary saw this blanket and decided that she and I should both make one for ourselves. I wasn't sure at first, but Mary's optimism won out. I'd say things like, "but don't you know how long it takes to make a granny square? That blanket is going to take forever." And Mary would say, "it can't take that long, can it?" And the hope in her voice? I couldn't say yes. I couldn't crush her dreams. So I said, "maybe you're right. We can do it."

And that is how I started the biggest craft project I've ever taken on.

To stay motivated, Mary and I had a crochet day last weekend, and I've been busy trying to get a head start before my classes get into full swing. I'd like to think that I'm making good progress:

Vivid Dreams Blanket squares

I guess the lesson here is that I should try to take after Mary and be more optimistic about what I can attempt. Who knows, you may all be getting handmade Christmas gifts next year. (Just kidding. This optimism isn't coming that fast.)


Saranade07 said...

Beautiful Loren! You can do it!!! I'm contemplating buying a X-stitch pattern that involves 85 colors. To be honest I just don't know if I want to invest that much $$ in embroidery floss...

mary said...

I shouldn't have counted, because I only have 30 squares done!! With my optimism & your realism and skills, we'll finish these things!!