Thursday, January 06, 2011

iWant that kitchen

Even after any of my siblings were too old to watch it, my parents used Nickelodeon as sort of "background" tv in their living room. Drake & Josh was a particular favorite, and eventually iCarly made it into rotation. It was then that my love affair began.

I really, really enjoy iCarly, not so much for the riveting storylines or phenomenal acting (both of which are actually lacking) but for its occasional wit and fantastic set designs.

Specifically, I want to live in Carly's apartment; more specifically, I want her kitchen. Every single thing in it is perfection. To wit:

1. GummiLights. These are 8-inch-tall lamps from a company called Jellio, which I once heard was hired to specially make some of the housewares that fill Carly's apartment. I don't know that a Gummi Bear light would really compliment the look of my house, but if one came my way I'd figure out a way to make it work.

2. Wood block printing press letters. Vintage goodness. Need I say more?

3. Book-it t-shirt. I know this isn't technically part of the set, but I saw one of the characters* wearing this shirt and I went on an internet search for it seconds later. It was sold by Urban Outfitters, but sadly is now nowhere to be found.

*A quick aside: the kid wearing this shirt was way too young to even know what Book-It was, therefore the irony and humor of wearing said shirt is sort of lost, right? This is the type of thing that typically makes me mad, but I decided that in this case, I'd give the show a pass for no other reason than that someone else somewhere in the world remembers going to Pizza Hut for reading.

4. Cookie Time cookie jar. This is the thing that started it all - I noticed this cookie jar and decided I needed it. I think I'll eventually be able to find one on eBay, but for now, I'm just going to keep watching iCarly and envying her trendy apartment.


Saranade07 said...

Girl, you should come to my house. We have BOXES of real wood type from the fam. print shop. It is pretty awesome! Glad you're blogging again.

Anonymous said...

I saw the episode where Freddy was wearing the Book It! tshirt, also. It was a big family outing when my siblings and I earned our free Pizza Hut pizza for reading. Really wish the shirts were still sold somewhere.