Monday, December 22, 2008

Two unrelated things taking me out of the Christmas Spirit:

1. I'm a little crabby right now because today my roommate got three Christmas cards and a package in the mail, and I got a bunch of junk mail and a bank statement. I have only received two Christmas cards total, despite a. sending out really cute "I've Moved!" postcards in July and b. sending my own Christmas cards. My roommate did neither of these things, which is perplexing and now that I think about it, makes me jealous.

2. It's so nice that a plane crashed at DIA just in time for the media to scare all the holidays travelers. (I just saw a headline that said, "Denver Crash: Could you have escaped?" and I'm purposefully NOT linking to it, because the only reason it's the headline is to appeal to people's fear of plane crashes. Seriously? Not cool.)

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