Thursday, October 02, 2008

As if writing this wasn't just as distracting as listening to her squeak that ball

Francie has this little pink squeaky soccer ball that has been her favorite toy for her entire life. Seriously, since before she could fit it in her mouth, she has loved it. I couldn't find it when I moved out to Denver, but I brought it back with me when I was home last month. We usually have to hide it from her when we watch tv because it makes the most loud and obnoxious sound you've ever heard.

Tonight I was trying to be a good citizen and watch the vice presidential debate, and Francie was trying to be a badass and kill her soccer ball. So I took it, hid it under the pillow next to me on the couch, and offered her a more quiet stuffed animal. Of course, she was more interested in trying to figure out where her ball went, so for the next ten minutes she searched the apartment looking for it.

She finally gave up and hopped up on the couch next to me. I was relieved that she had finally calmed down and stretched out my feet next to her head. She promptly began licking my foot, which spooked me, and as I jerked, I hit the pillow next to me and, of course, hit that stupid ball.

So you have three guesses what Francie is doing right now. And will probably be doing until the debate is over.

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