Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Near the end of the semester last spring, I was sort of obsessed with the idea that I should have a dog. Then I moved home and got a job and realized that I probably wasn't responsible enough to train a puppy. So I gave up on that dream.

Now, something I've realized about myself is that I have a tendency to shy away from making big decisions until finally I give in and do something impulsive. Like buy a guitar. Or decide to go away for the weekend. Or get a dog.

I have to admit though that getting Francie wasn't completely impulsive. It certainly started out that way, but at first I was hesitant. I found a puppy online on a Friday night and on Saturday morning my dad came in my room and woke me up asking me if I'd called about the dog yet. It was 8:30.

What about my irresponsibility? What if I get a job somewhere and can't take a dog with me? My dad's reply? "But don't you want a cute little puppy?"

He had a point.

I have far exceeded my expectations as far as being responsible goes. I take her outside, and I discipline her, andd I generally do a better job at putting my pet first. Which is impressive because at first? She needed to go out like 3 times a night. You know I must really love you if I'm willing to get out of bed for you. I even have to get out of bed early for her, and that is a true testament to my affection for my puppy.

Here's the thing. It's quite possible I will never write about anything besides Francie ever again. So I apologize if I go long stretches without writing, because cuddling my little dog is way more fun than just writing about her.

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