Thursday, November 01, 2007

Picture (im)perfect

It amazes me how fast I am sometimes able to adapt to a new routine that completely changes the way I do something. Take keyboarding, for example. The last time I poked out a sentence with one hand it was because my finger was broken. Or switching from driving a standard to an automatic: I don't really know what to do with my left foot and my right hand now that they are not responsible for driving my car.

Along the same lines, I hadn't realized what it was like to take photos without the crutch of a digital camera's review screen until I forgot my camera when I went to D.C. this summer and ended up using a disposable one the entire weekend. But even with a disposable camera, it didn't seem like there were any consequences. Disposable cameras were made for sloppy picture-taking, like 2nd grade zoo trips or a homecoming dance. You kind of just accept that there will be a blurry picture of a lion or the inside of your purse.

So I bought this camera a couple of weeks ago, and not only does it take film, it takes film that is sort of hard to find. I also saw that people take a lot of really beautiful photos with this camera, and so this all added up to me being a little anxious when it came to using it.

But, because I was so excited to find out what I could do with this little camera, I shot a roll of film last week and when I got it back yesterday my suspicions were confirmed:

This is one of the 5 photos that "turned out," if you can call it that. I think I can get better, now that I know what I'm doing, since most of my problems were due to my inability to advance the film the right way. Still, let's be honest: I really need that little review screen.

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