Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Things I recommend, part III

About a month ago I bought iQuiz for my iPod. I think I partly bought it because it only cost 99 cents, and partly because I have never bothered to learn how to play the version of Solitaire that comes with an iPod--that three-card-draw thing makes very little sense to me. Just let me use the cards! Come on!

Anyway, it has become one of my favorite things to do while I eat my lunch every day, and I have learned a lot of useless information, such as: Flea's daughter is named Clara. Don't argue; you needed to know that.

Because I faithfully watch How I Met Your Mother every Monday, I usually end up watching The Big Bang Theory afterwards, and it has grown on me. Of course, in real life the "nerdy guys" wouldn't look so incredibly hip in their comic book hero tees and plaid pants, but it's still sort of endearing in its own little way. And if you'd like to catch up, it's in reruns because of the writer's strike. (CBS, Mondays at 8:30; but you can watch online here.)

I have never read Carrie, Cujo or The Shining, but I just finished Stephen King's On Writing* and I have to say that it made me a fan. (A fan of Stephen King himself, and not his work, if that makes any sense.) If you like to write, you should read this book.

*A disclaimer: for some reason, I find the the cover on the edition Amazon is selling a little disturbing. I borrowed a copy from a friend of mine which features a yellow house, complete with a picture window and a bed of impatiens. It looks like a warm, inviting memoir, unlike its Amazon counterpart which to me looks like it probably came out of a--wait for it--Stephen King novel. (Marketing is a fascinating thing.)

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