Monday, October 22, 2007

Only 9 days early

I bought some Halloween cookie cutters last November around Thanksgiving, and they only cost 10 cents each. I was so proud of myself for finding a bargain, because Halloween cookie cutters seemed like the kind of thing I would buy on an impulse when I needed them and they weren't marked down 90%. Look! I thought. I'm a shopper!

Of course between then and now I've moved, and everything I used in my kitchen at school is currently packed up in boxes in the basement. Did I ever show you what it looked like when we emptied the kitchen in my apartment? I think I meant to and then deleted the photographic evidence that yes, we did try to cram THAT MUCH stuff into a kitchen the size of a small walk-in closet. But you never know when, between all the exams and binge drinking, you might need a bundt cake pan or a juicer. We were PREPARED.

Anyway, the cookie cutters must be buried beneath the dozens of serving spoons and collection of ceramic mugs, because I spent the entire afternoon on Saturday looking for them. I looked in my bedroom, and I looked through as many of the boxes I could find. I even thought I might have donated them to my parents' kitchen. But no dice. I could not find those stupid cookie cutters. In fact, I didn't find any that could capture the joy that is Halloween:

The only passable one, the metal pumpkin (I think that red one is a play-doh toy) is bigger than my hand, and I didn't feel like making plate-sized cookies. I wanted something more bite-sized.

Anyway, my mom picked some up for me and saved the day, thus proving that I am 1. not a shopper, 2. not able to keep track of things for more than a year, and 3. probably not capable of living on my own.

So here are the cookies, and also the mummy cupcakes I made. And! The pumpkins my family carved last night (mine's the one in the top left corner).

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