Monday, November 12, 2007

It would be called a zombocalypse

I think I must have watched Dawn of the Dead at an impressionable age, because apocalypse and zombie attacks have become absolutely inseparable in my mind. Mass chaos and destruction? Zombies are obviously on a rampage in every city, town and village. The end of established government? Zombies, clearly, have attacked the Capitol building. All means of communication cut off? Somehow, zombies have something to do with this.

You get the idea.

This was always a very subconscious thing that I did, assuming zombies to be lurking around every apocalypsed corner, and I never realized it until I was having a conversation about what I would do if their were an actual apocalypse. I mentioned the zombie problem and everyone was like, what? What zombie problem? Why will there be zombies? And I was like, APOCALYPSE, DUH and they were like WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? And I realized what a huge mistake I'd been making.

And suddenly? The end of times didn't seem so bad.

By the way, if you are wondering how you'd fare if my zombie apocalypse came to fruition, this quiz will tell you.

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