Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Desktop Weather: The PC version of a clingy boyfriend

We met through our mutual friend RealPlayer: I invited RP to my computer; he brought Desktop Weather along as a "bonus." I rolled my eyes and then tried politely to let Desktop Weather know that I didn't really want him on my computer, but he just kept trying to get me to download him every time I started Windows. So I gave in. After a few days I STILL wasn't interested, so I decided to ask him to leave.

The break-up did not go well. Upon clicking "Uninstall," Desktop Weather pleaded with me. I can change! he said, popping up to postpone the ever-impending final click of the mouse. I know I always tell you the temperature in Farenheit! Would you prefer Celsius? Or both? I'll do both, baby, just let me stay! I click NO THANKS. This is hard for both of us: for him because he wants to stay, and for me because MY COMPUTER IS TOO SLOW FOR THIS KIND OF FORCED-DOWN-MY-THROAT software. Ahem. Moving on. It's over.

But then! After I think he is gone forever, he pops up on the internet, asking quite pathetically (in survey form, how tacky of him) why?! Why did you end it?! What can I do to be better? And I try to let him down gently, even though he always annoyed the hell out of me, by telling the survey I liked this software, but I didn't use it enough: the internet equivalent of "it's me, not you."

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