Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I love you, 202

Y'all, I am tuckered out. I had my last final exam today, and then my dad and I moved all of my furniture out of my apartment. And then we drove it all back to Loudonville and moved it into the house. And then I continued my quest to defy physics.

I tried really, really hard to be sentimental about moving out today, but it didn't work out very well because I had just gotten back from a terrible exam and I was hungry, both of which steered me away from heartfelt and more towards downright bitchy. But really, now that I have had dinner and can forget about statistics, I am able to think that this year I had such a great place to live. We have a lot of space, and for the first time (away from home) I have my own room. But I think the best part has been that a lot of my friends are my neighbors, so it's like having eight roommates, but without the mess! Which is good, because one of my friends? His hobbies include knife-throwing and shooting airsoft guns. But I digress.

The night we moved out of our freshman year dorm, my roommate and I watched the series finale of Friends, and at the very end they move out of the one apartment that has served as one of the main settings for the show, and it just so happens that they all somehow have a key even though only two of them should. And they all leave their keys and walk out together, and (bear with me, I know it's corny, trust me) then there's just the keys on the counter and the empty feeling of everything being done. I didn't experience that today, but I'm pretty sure I will later this weekend after I've spent the weekend celebrating with my friends and getting the last odds and ends packed up. And I'm sad to be leaving, but I am so glad that I have met the kind of people who I can be glad to have shared so much with for the last four years.

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