Monday, April 23, 2007

A few anecdotes about the end, which is near.

1. Over the last few weeks I have been plagued by the sight of my Google homepage's countdown clock, because every time I used the internet I was confronted with my looming graduation. It had a subconscious effect on me, I think, because there has been a sort of rushed feeling to everything I've been doing lately. I haven't had the heart to just get rid of it, because I'm not sure if it's getting me motivated or if it's just adding stress. At any rate, 12 days left. My last final is in 9.

2. Every time I go home, I bring home whatever I've decided I don't need to have at school and try to cram it into my tiny little bedroom. I finally came to the realization yesterday that I have to face the laws of physics and admit that I cannot fit all of my stuff into ten square feet of space and a closet. It's just not possible. I'm going to attempt to fit my 6x7' bed in there when I move back in two weeks. I'll let you know if physics takes the win on that one, too.

3. I was so disappointed when I bought my cap and gown, because the College of Arts and Science tassel is plain black. Plus, I think the interaction with the woman who sold it to me set me up for a letdown:
Her: What color tassel do you need?
Me: I don't know. I am an English major.
Her: Okay. [Reaches for pretty blue tassel]
Me: [Notices the blue is for Education majors] Oh, no, just like, regular English, not English ed.
Her: Oh. Okay, here. [Hands me boring black tassel]
Me: Thanks.

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