Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Another thing I'm ready to be done with

Lately I am tempted to write more and more "Things to counter being terrified of leaving college" lists, but I often hold off in fear of having those of you who are already in the real world scoff at me through the computer screen. "'Group projects'?" you'll say. "She's ready to be done with GROUP WORK? Does she not realize that everything she's about to do IS, IN FACT, GROUP PROJECTS?"

But seriously, guys, I am tired of group projects. Last semester's hellish website project really burned me out, even though this semester I had the opportunity to work with the best project group in the history of all college and university instructor-chosen groups. We've had to do three peer evaluations, and each time I genuinely have nothing bad to say about anyone. It has been fantastic. But it's overkill, all these group projects, whether they are pleasant or not. There's that girl who doesn't say "I think this is a bad idea." Instead, she says, "guys, don't you think maybe we should do X instead?" in a condescending way. Then there's the guy who doesn't show up to out-of-class, and the guy who shows up 20 minutes late (after a reminder phone call from one of the group).

Not surprisingly, I do best in (read: bitch least about) groups when I know my place. I was always the group project leader in high school, but more and more in college I've learned that I also enjoy being the person who does what she's told. You need me at the library at 8? Great. You want me to write the introduction of our paper? Done. However, what has happened several times this year is that I am relegated to being the leader, and then I am second-guessed. Don't tell me to organize the project and then say you don't like the way I've done it. If you don't like it, YOU SHOULD HAVE DONE IT YOURSELF. I would have been more than happy to let you.

So is it possible that all of this group work has been good for me because I've learned this about myself? It's possible. But I certainly won't miss trying to set up a time to meet that doesn't interfere with broomball games and sorority meetings.

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