Saturday, May 26, 2007

Coveting California

While we were in San Francisco, Christina and I went to a little bar* that used a lot of exotic and little-known ingredients including Aperol, an Italian liquor made with rhubarb and some other less exiting fruits. (When I remarked that rhubarb alcohol was a pretty good idea, some guy [who we later learned grew up right outside the city, i.e. IN CALIFORNIA] leaned down the bar and asked me if I'd ever tried rhubarb pie. I was all, dude, I MAKE rhubarb pies.) The bartender, who grew up in Michigan, then went ahead and made me a rhubarb cocktail that used not only the Aperol but also some straight rhubarb juice. Now, I am obsessed with finding myself some Aperol. In northeastern Ohio. Ha ha, sometimes I am so funny.

*Here is an interesting little story about Aperol and the bartender who made me my drink (he's the one who made the milkshake).

We went to H&M and Urban Outfitters, and the only thing I bought was a headband (at H&M). There were about a million things I wish I could have bought, though, including this dish which I dismissed with "oh I'll just order it when I get my first paycheck, even though there are about 25 sitting right here in this stack which would not require my payment of shipping" and of course now cannot get out of my mind. Even though it is back-ordered online.

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