Thursday, April 26, 2007

I bet you wish this was my LAST story about college

I'm about to head to my final Women's Studies class, and it got me thinking about how tomorrow morning, the last class meeting I'll ever attend will be Electronic Music. For some reason, I wish this was something a little more symbolic: an English class, maybe; something that summed up my last four years a little better than a class I will only remember because we talked about clubbing and dropping acid. In lecture. With notes. (Well, okay, I guess technically you didn't have to take notes, but I did and they said, "OMG. He really just said that the experience of listening to electronic dance music can be enhanced by taking drugs.")

Looking back, though, I realize that few of the academic firsts and lasts over my past four years have been much more important, although my first lecture was Introductory Chemistry, and it doubled as Introductory Failing to be the Very Best at Everything, so I guess that's something. But I'm still pretty confident that in four years, Electronic Music won't have become symbolic and doubled as Introductory Drug Use.

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