Thursday, April 12, 2007

#248 on the list of things I'll miss about Miami

I usually listen to my iPod on the bus every morning, but every once in a while I'll leave it at home or forget to charge it. When this happens, I always notice which radio station the bus driver has chosen to play.

There are three stations that I would say are the regulars: country, pop, and my favorite: conservative talk radio. I think it's funny that not only is Glenn Beck my bus driver's choice of entertainment for the day, but it's also what he or she has decided to share with the student body. As an added bonus, I am always entertained by wondering how the extremely liberal bus riders are faring when Rush Limbaugh is screaming about the war in Iraq.

It's like they're fighting a little battle all their own, these bus drivers: A battle against us crazy liberal college kids. And that cracks me up.

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