Sunday, March 04, 2007

Not at all because I'm creepy, I promise.

The way my bedroom is set up, I have a good view of the courtyard of my apartment from my desk chair. If I'm expecting someone (or, let's be honest, if I'm feeling like being a nosy neighbor), all I have to do is wait to hear a car door slam or footsteps, at which point I can turn to my left and peek through my blinds to see who's outside. Sometimes, if I'm feeling particularly voyeuristic, I'll open the blind and prop my feet up on the windowsill while I use my laptop. I tell myself that I do this because it puts my feet directly over the heating vent, but really I am just enjoying a good dose of people watching.

You might think that the best thing about this window is that I am lucky enough to live near people I am friends with, or that I'm a story up so no one can really see in. You might also think that very best thing is the thing that happens least often, and that is when people give me the opportunity to eavesdrop because they are standing right below it. I don't generally get this opportunity. Christina and I spent a fantastic half hour at the beginning of the school year crouched below the window--it was open--listening to people from a party we were having talk with each other over a few cigarettes.

But my favorite thing happened last night, and as I heard some of my friends leaving a party a few doors down, I opened my window and talked to them before they headed home. Maybe I'm just waxing sentimental over graduating, and maybe I'm just a sucker when it comes to feeling like I have good friends, but being able to be so accessible is the nicest thing about my window. That, and knowing when the mailman is going to come. Because that's pretty nice, too.

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