Wednesday, January 10, 2007

On taking all the classes I've avoided during the last four years

Every semester, I like to go to each of my classes a few times and then speculate about what kind of semester I'm going to have. This is the first time I have had a class before 10 a.m. since my Freshman year (oooh, I know, pity party for myself) (my dad is experiencing schadenfreude right now), which I suppose is preparing me for the Real World and a Real Job. And that's fine, but after three days I see that I'm going to have to make drastic changes to my sleep patterns.

I'm taking a statistics course this semester, which fufills my math credit, and I've been putting it off since, oh, I don't know, THE DAY I GOT HERE. It hasn't gotten hard yet, but it has succeeded in being amazingly boring. I didn't have any big lecture classes last semester, and I'd almost forgotten what it's like to be able to write out a shopping list without feeling like my professor was going to call on me (I am a dedicated student, no?). Today, the girls sitting next to me picked out cute boys in the class, wrote a page full of notes back and forth to each other, and played hangman. I can see that this class is going to be valuable for everyone involved, because I also had a productive day: I filed my nails, made a list of textbooks I still need to purchase, and wrote meeting dates in my planner. I also took a few notes, and I'm telling you that so you know I actually paid attention today, not because it was a part of my productivity.

I'm also giving Women's Studies a second try, since I had to drop it at the beginning of last semester to take a course that was actually going to be useful in my field of work. I don't expect much out of this course, mostly because the two times I sat through it last semester we ended up lamenting about how HARD it is to be a woman, oh, we are OPRESSED. I did not enjoy it, despite my love for bitching. My friends suggested that I ask why our classroom doesn't have a kitchen, but I don't think that would help matters at all. Besides, I may be heartless and mean, but I'm not rude.

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