Tuesday, December 19, 2006

If they don't like the gifts, well, that's another story

I have always been terrible at Christmas shopping, and I've always been stressed out by that. I always thought it was probably because I've been intimidated by the overcrowded stores, or that I was too selfish to actually be able to think about what someone else would like. But really I think what it comes down to is that in general, I am not a good shopper: I go into the store with something in mind, and that's what I get. So if I don't really know what to get you, I am easily discouraged.

All of this is to say though, that if I end up actually getting you a gift, one that I'm positive you'll like, I am way more excited for you to love it than I am to find out what I'll be receiving. I can barely stand the wait until Christmas morning this year because I have gotten my siblings some gifts that I am sure they will love!

You see? I'm so excited I'm writing about it. Well, excited and hoping you'll notice that my heart isn't as black as we previously assumed.

(Forgive me. I find it difficult to write anything worth reading when I'm at home. The inspiration just isn't here. Or something.)

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