Thursday, November 16, 2006

You say tomato, I say pomodoro, but not really, because I had to look that up. Like this guy.

I was walking through the library today when I saw one of those cutesy posters that is supposed to encourage you to read. Since we're big kids now, they don't feature Garfield or Snoopy; they're supposedly trendy designs that I guess are supposed to make you feel like you can be trendy too, if you just pick up a book! And read! It's that easy!

This poster, however, didn't catch my eye because it was particularly well-designed. I saw the words ha letto and APPARENTLY (and this is the ONLY time I have ever, EVER said this) I did pick up some Italian, because when I saw that I saw, "had read (pronounced, red. Like, past tense.)," and I was confused, because why would that ever make sense? So I stopped to read the rest of the poster, and this poster was trying to get you not only to read, but to do it in different languages. (We have a diversity problem here at Miami, you know.)

And I can't tell you how tickled I am that someone, whoever was told to sit down and make a library poster, just plugged the word "read" into this site which I never, ever, EVER used to cheat when I did my Italian homework.

I always wondered if that's what they did. And now? Now I have proof.

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