Saturday, November 18, 2006

When it's too late to take Tylenol PM, you just don't look back

Hey! Look at the time! It's nearly 5 am. And I am awake, but none of us are surprised.

Things I did instead of sleep tonight
1. Take a nap from 10:45pm - 1:30am*

2. Try to fix and ultimately ruin one of my necklaces (clearly I didn't inherit the jeweler gene)

3. Watch Alton Brown make blueberry muffins and be a bad actor**

4. Pluck my eyebrows

5. Make a shopping list

6. Pick out pajamas to wear at band formal tomorrow night (I know, that's totally bizarre)

7. Look for a missing tube of mascara (no success)

8. Attempt to fall asleep

9. Start a design for the AEFD December banner (again, no success)

10. Write drafts for about 4 blog posts

*It wasn't supposed to be a nap, I just never fell back asleep. Hence, the list.

**I also watched Sandra Dee have blindfolded people put ingredients in a mixing bowl for her, which freaks me out, but I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt because I think she's wonderful*** and I had just turned on the tv so I missed whatever led up to the blindfolds.

***How can someone who adds a gratuitous stick of butter to every recipe not be wonderful?

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