Thursday, September 07, 2006

My Quest for a Mallo Cup

Over the weekend I drove to Georgia with a group of friends. Before we hit Cincinnati, I had a craving for marshmallows. Specifically, chocolate covered ones. And then I decided that I wanted a Mallo Cup.

I am fairly certain that while I remember growing up seeing Mallo Cups in my local grocery store, that I had never had one before.*

But, there I was, sitting in the car wishing for a Mallo Cup. Everytime we stopped for a break, I would scour the convenience store, but to no avail. We reached Georgia sans Mallo Cup. And I sort of forgot about it.

But then! We went to this cute little ice cream shop in an old clapboard building, and as soon as I walked in I saw a display of Mallo Cups. Did I mention yet that none of the girls I was with had ever heard of this confection? And so thought I was a No? Well that's what happened.

At any rate, I bought one and saved it to eat on the eight-hour drive home. It was pretty good, even though it had melted a little bit (okay, a lot) while we stopped in Chattanooga.

Do they not sell this kind of thing as a mainstream candy anymore? Because I'm pretty sure you shouldn't have to pay 89 cents for a marshmallow cup. No matter how good it is.

this is my mallo cup...yum!

*I am pretty sure the reason I am familiar with Mallo Cups is because my dad eats candy like Zero bars and Necco wafers. And, we used to steal 5th Avenue bars out of my grandma's kitchen together. 5th Avenue. Seriously. I don't know anyone under the age of 25 who eats those.

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