Monday, August 07, 2006

Pointless! Also, I went to a lot of doctors!

I just got back from my final doctor's appointment of the summer. I visited the both the optometrist and dentist twice, the orthodontist once, the oral surgeon seven times (dry sockets are terrible), and the chiropractor somewhere around eight*. I am pretty sure that's the most work I've ever had done on myself in the shortest time span. And I feel pretty good, with the removed glued-to-my-teeth-for-eight-years retainer, new glasses, and realigned spine. I'm just glad all the appointment making is over. For a while I was carrying about ten of those little appointment cards around in my purse.

Sorry it's been such a sparse few months. I was at work, or in one of many waiting rooms, or helping plan a wedding, or many other things that require me to not be in front of a computer screen. I'm sure that when it's time to start writing papers again, I will be much more inclined to procrastinate with an entry or two.

I go back to Oxford in three days. Until then, I'll be packing, working, and trying to eek the last bit of fun out of my last summer at home.

*A lot of my friends have told me it's a bogus health field, but I don't care or believe them. But if they're right, it's totally worth getting my neck cracked the way he cracks it. TOTALLY.

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