Thursday, May 04, 2006

I need to lay off the caffeine and get more sleep, this is crazy talk

This morning I think I washed my hair with soap instead of shampoo. I can't really remember what happened, but now my hair feels weird. It's been bothering me all day.

I am not a wordy person (which is probably hard to believe if you read this website, I know). When it comes to writing papers, I am pretty good at being succinct. So, I am kind of annoyed that because my paper was 60 words under the 1,000 word length critera I got a B instead of an A. I had met all the CONTENT critera, which I think is more important than the number of words I used to create that content. Now, I am writing another paper for this class (Religion. Don't even get me started.) and I am being redundant and wordy and while it is QUITE PAINFUL for me as a writer, I hope it is more painful for my bitchy TA to sit and read. Oh yes, I'll get to the point, but I'll get to is 60 damn words later than I could have. Vindictive? No, not me.

Here is me not being wordy but getting the point across:
Italian! It's over!

But here is me elaborating on that point:
I even went so far as to be PLEASANT yesterday when I got home from my 7:30am final. I can barely speak English that early, so I find it pretty cruel that all language finals this semester were given in the earliest time slot.

So I'm off to write this last Religion paper, wash my hair, and pack up my apartment. Maybe if you're lucky (or unlucky?) I'll write one of those year-in-review posts everyone loves so much.

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