Sunday, April 09, 2006

Not apologizing for the utter disregard of reader approval you're about to experience

I haven't really slept much recently. I've been too busy, which coincidentally is also why I haven't posted. Seriously, I haven't slept in my bed since Thursday, and I've had three 2-hour naps since then. How am I still functioning? I am not sure. I sort of feel sickly, which isn't so much fun. I'm used to that general feeling of not getting quite enough sleep but this complete absence of it is rough stuff. We had a lot of fraternity fun stuff (NOT a euphemism for alcohol. Seriously!) that required a lot of being awake, and last week I had a lot of work to do which unfortunately also required a lot of being awake.

So I'm looking at that paragraph and I'm thinking, there are no coherent sentences coming from my brain right now. But because I'm not going to edit it or save you from reading it at all by just deleting it, I will leave you with this, a mish-mash of the three entries I started this week:
  • I'm writing a story for Journalism about this moving company, and instead of writing my paper just now I spent a couple of minutes reading these moving tips. Why? I don't really know. But I'm glad to know not to pack fine china in newsprint. I didn't know that before.
  • I always used to think that I didn't need to worry about picking a political party, because eventually I would find all of the facts and voila! The right answer would be clear. Then at some point in high school I had a moment of epiphany: there is no "right" answer. It's all about opinion. It was sort of traumatizing for me, especially since I'm generally easy to persuade.
  • I was about 3 feet away from a Pileated Woodpecker the other day. It was on a tree in our driveway and then flew right by me when it realized I was about to get in my car. It was pretty much the best ornithological experience I've had since I took the class in high school, and I was excited. But then I realized that people here in Oxford already think I'm crazy, what with all the grammar knowledge I carry around, so I decided to call Scott from home and he was sufficiently excited. Except for I still felt the urge to tell the internet.*
  • This is my very first Flash animation. It sort of channels Clarissa Explains it All.
Now I am going to go get in my bed! Yay!

*Why, yes, I did write this paragraph before deciding that in all actuality, this post should be about how crazy I sound when I (attempt to) write today.

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