Sunday, April 30, 2006

I didn't, however, sit in the corner rocking while clutching my external hard drive

This weekend I was pretty hot-and-cold. I had some fabulous times wringing one last good weekend out of the semester with my friends, but I also spent a lot of time pouting about my computer.

This is what would happen: I would sulk quietly about the fact that I could not look up the weather or check my email because my computer is broken. Then one of my kind friends would offer theirs up and I would use it, bemoaning the fact that this screen resolution is too low, or MY computer has the weather bookmarked or my favorite this computer doesn't have FIREFOX and boo-hoo, I don't have these luxuries because my computer is broken. At which point I would close the computer and go back to pouting about not having mine. It was a lovely time for all individuals involved.

So then I got my computer back and folks, I had a LOT of software on this machine, all of which has and/or had to be reinstalled. They were kind enough to install Office, but I had to install everything from Firefox to my camera software and GOOD GRIEF! I didn't realize how much downloading I've done. I think I've got everything except my Adobe programs, which I don't have the installation software for anyway, so now I've got to go find someone who does. And if you think I am going back to Loudonville this summer without Photoshop to while away the time well then YOU ARE WRONG, MY FRIEND.

I'm also having a hard time locating my Dreamweaver software cd, and that one I PAID for, so ironically it's the one I should have and won't be able to get back. It's also the only one I need to complete my work for this week! So thank you, hard drive! Thanks for NOTHING!

I had a hard time getting over the poutiness when I turned on my computer because it still wasn't MY computer. All of my desktop images are gone so I have to use the generic ones, and that makes things feel a little unfamiliar. In addition to that desktop fiasco, I was also shocked to discover that those damn post-its are no longer free. So I'm afraid I'm going to have to break down and spend the money ($20!!!), because I sort of need them now to keep track of my life. At least now I will be able to pick the color instead of using the icky bland yellow ones.

But seriously THANK GOD this computer is home.