Thursday, March 09, 2006

Wherein I use the word "beer" in nearly every paragraph

So, yes. It's Green Beer Day.

(I'd like to point out how interesting it is that someone was driven enough to develop such a nice website in honor of this holiday*.)

This is my very first GBD as an eligible, 21-and-over participant. I have always been curled up nicely in my bed on this Thursday morning, dreaming of my Spring Break. And this was okay with me, because the thing about my insomnia is not so much that I can't sleep at all, but that I can't slow myself down enough to fall asleep. That said, it's not so hard for me to be asleep at say, 4 am as it is for me to be asleep at 1 or 2. This green beer stuff knocks out my prime sleeping hours, and I always sort of knew that and was not envious of the legal upperclassmen.

So as you can imagine, I was not a happy girl this morning. It's been sort of a crazy, Christina-just-turned-21-yesterday sort of 48 hours, and so this morning's festivities were just a nice way to wrap up the birthday celebration. That's what I thought last night, and that's what I think now, but when I woke up at 5:30, I was just not feeling it.

I was so not feeling it that I decided to have a Coke this morning and follow my friends around without drinking more than one gratuitous sip of green beer. Which isn't to say I didn't have fun, because I did. Once I got there I realized that I could just enjoy wearing green, and reading all the tshirts, and hanging out with my friends, etc., etc. The whole beer before breakfast thing sort of made me want to throw up a little bit. Maybe I should have skipped out on the Coke and just had a bowl of cereal**.

So I went back home and slept for a couple of hours before heading to my English class. There are only six of us and we were all praised for not being out drinking today. (And then I realized, I'd left my wristband on. Oops.) Campus has been fun--everyone is wearing green and looks tired. But I have to say, I'm glad I went, grumpy and tired and all. But seriously? Beer in the morning? I just don't get it.

*Not being a morning person, I was saying "I HATE this holiday" the entire time I was getting ready. Brendan told me that it was not, in fact, a holiday; however, when I went Uptown I took a poll, and all three people I asked said that it was ABSOLUTELY without a doubt a holiday.

**But when I felt that caffeine kick in I knew it was totally worth it. So maybe both would have been the right answer.

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