Friday, September 30, 2005

Links: Things you need to see

Best Week Ever posts the BEST stuff on their blog. For example, if you wanted to trick someone into watching The Shining, you could tell them it's just called Shining and have them watch this.

Last weekend, we went to Barnes and Noble and one of my friends bought Britney's Baby Book, which is a fictionalization of what Britney would say about things like her first date with K-Fed, possible baby names, and her baby shower. It is the funniest. Thing. Ever. So if you don't run out and buy it (which is quite alright, unless you're going to give it to me, in which case would you like my shipping address?), go see what the girls at Go Fug Yourself think Britney and Kevin have to say about life in general. It's almost as funny as the book.

Also from BWE, 101 Things You Didn't Know About Rock 'n Roll. (This one is for Nate who sends me lots of great cd's. THANK YOU!)

McSweeney's posts reader-submitted lists every week. One of today's is, State Songs, If They All Suggested the Apathy of Idaho's "Here We Have Idaho."

Um...that's enough for now. I have homework to do, and it's Friday night.

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