Thursday, July 21, 2005

Don't get me wrong. I think Newsweek is alright.

When I go to the rec, I like to read magazines like Cosmopolitan or Self while I'm using a spinning or stair-step machine. And usually, this is not a problem. But lately, it has been and it's starting to get a little aggravating.

Last week I managed to find an two-month-old Self magazine. Perfect. I got about halfway through it during my workout. So then the next day when I went back I was going to finish it, but it wasn't there. I had to opt for a falling-apart Cosmo. The next day, I had to read a People from Spring 2004, and that's just way old news that I don't really care about. But yesterday, even that was gone.

So you're wondering what's there, if it's not girly, celebrity gossip? Well what has slowly taken over the magazine rack in the past week is POLITICS and BUSINESS and that sort of thing. There were probably two years' worth of Newsweeks and something called The Nation which I thought was a literary magazine but actually turned out to be a very left-wing periodical (if you had seen the cover, you would have thought I was correct in the literary thing). I'm not very good at concentrating on things other than ARE BRAD AND ANGELINA REALLY TOGETHER? Or NEW TIPS FOR KEEPING YOUR SKIN HEALTHY when I'm working out so not only did I think it would be pointless to read something political but I also thought it would be a terrible idea to read something politically skewed. Because I'd rather pay attention to how hard I'm working than read something dry and intelligent. That's just the way it is when you're hot and sweaty and have climbed 75 flights of stairs. And when they close the rec for the next month for renovations, they better put back my damn Self magazines.*

*I'm sort of afraid that they aren't going to; after all, this is Miami and most of the people here enjoy things like marketing and political science. I'll just have to start bringing my own.

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