Thursday, July 28, 2005

Cut It Out

I was checking out my site stats and I know I've talked about it before but it's worth sharing I suppose that if you google "backboarding football players" my blog will be near the top of the results. Plus that search got me wondering, who has time to check online for the appropriate backboarding technique? And furthermore, who has time to read my blog before actually discovering said technique? Also, at Yahoo! you can search "lorenann" and "an eye for detail" and I'll show up (not at the top, but I show up nevertheless). This is a recent development as people have always told me that searching both of these terms don't get you anywhere near my site. So now perhaps more people will stumble upon my little site.

More exciting than that, though, is the fact that I am going to see Dave Coulier do stand-up this weekend, yes, Dave Coulier, from the greatest tv show ever, Full House. I still haven't gotten the first season on dvd, but I'm thinking if I don't buy groceries for a couple more weeks (I'm living off a huge box of pasta right now) I should be able to get it and have him sign it. Of course, that is if I am not too chicken. I'm sort of afraid he'll be one of those people who is bitter about that one great show they used to be in. I don't want to bring back bad memories. Does anyone have anything from The Surreal Life Season 3 they want me to have him sign?

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