Saturday, May 07, 2005

Things I've Learned This Week

It's been a long week. Finals weren't so bad, but "because my finger was broken" I got to turn in an English paper on Friday instead of Monday. I was up until 4:15 Friday morning. I had to be at work by 8. I learned that working after only three hours of sleep is not so fun.

Part of the reason I was up so late was because I locked my keys in my car. It's sort of a long story but I was getting out of the car and instead of double checking with myself like I always do I just shut the door. I always feel stupid for double checking but turns out it is a good idea. I learned that I need to continue to treat myself like a five-year-old and make sure the keys are in my hand before shutting the car door.

I moved into my new house on Monday & Tuesday, thanks to help from Mike who basically did all of the work. Although I have probably only spent something like 12 total awake hours here, I am enjoying it. Plus Christina left me a feather bed thing, so my bed is amazing. Feather beds + jersey sheets= not wanting to get up at 7 for work. Just a warning in case you were considering the combination. I also like the no shoes in the shower thing. And the car. Having the car is fun. I learned that dorms are overrated.

I helped the boys move from 708 into their new apartment today. It's really nice, so I hope they invest in a vaccum cleaner and mop or something. I learned that boys are gross, but are good at moving heavy things and putting them together.

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