Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Stovetop Redemption, plus why I need an internet connection RIGHT NOW.

So, yes. The cooking. It didn't start out so well at the beginning of this week and I'll have to admit, I was a little worried it was never going to pan out (seriously, no pun intended). However, last night I was all, what would be good for dinner? I could really go for some Chinese. So instead of calling up China One or Phan Shin, I made my own Chinese. From scratch.

Actually that part about "from scratch" is a lie. The stir fry vegetables were frozen, and the rice was the boil-in-bag kind. The important thing here is that I did not ruin the food. It was actually sort of good. I don't like soy sauce and we don't really have much in the way of a spice cupboard, so it was plain. But it turned out the way I wanted it to. Could you ask for anything more? I don't think so.

Oh and by the way, I MISS THE INTERNET more than I miss air conditioning, living with other people, and paying for my meals with my card instead of actual cash. I NEED A CONNECTION THAT WORKS OR I AM GOING TO GO CRAZY. Do you know where I am right now? I am sitting outside Shriver, because it closed early tonight. I know this sounds pretty terrible, but I sit at work all day with a computer and I can't talk to people or do anything fun, so it's like smoking in front of someone chewing nicorette. It makes me crazy. Also, I am pretty lonesome seeing as how I am alone all the time except for the two people I work with. So internet=AIM=people to talk to. So, since my internet is AWOL, when everyone shows up for classes next week, they're going to come looking for me and find me curled up, nearly dead and shaking, in the corner of the living room with my mouse pointed at the refresh button on my internet explorer. And it will be PATHETIC.

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