Thursday, May 12, 2005

Lunchtime Observations

Summertime is not treating Shriver well, I'm sorry to say. First, they are ripping up the floor in front of Tuffy's and putting down a new one, so there's a lot of dust and power tools everywhere. Second, the people on campus now do not understand the way you are supposed to form lines in the food court. The pasta place line forms on the RIGHT, not the LEFT, thankyouverymuch. You not only screw up the order of the food for the workers, but you also give me undeserved dirty looks when I try to stand in the right place. Well you are the ones deserving the dirty looks.

Also, I just had some very terrible jello and I just have to say that this is the biggest disappointment yet. If you can't get good orange jello at Shriver, well then, where can you?

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