Monday, May 23, 2005

I don't NEED it anymore. I swear.

Well I went through internet withdrawl the week before which was very painful. Then I was sick and I didn't care if there was internet, and I would have been willing to give up the internet, my car, and my firstborn child if I could have just swallowed without feeling like my throat was on fire. (The little phamphlet they gave me on Mono was just great. On the front it said, "So you have Mono: taking the next step." Like it's an STD or something. Then on the inside it said, "You may have a sore throat, perhaps the worst you've ever had." No kidding. THE ABSOLUTE WORST.) So now, I still don't have internet but I am over it. I mostly miss the e-mail.

So now when I get online I have sort of dropped all my old habits (Dear God, I sound like a junkie, don't I?) and I have found a new love, which is internet shopping. Well internet window shopping as I have yet to purchase anything. But it is so much fun. It started out with looking for a cheap wireless router and now it has escalated to expensive shoes (think Manolo Blahniks and Jimmy Choos, I spent this semester watching Sex and the City, remember) on eBay, which is just about the most amazing place on the internet, and clothes on just about every online store you can think of. I have also been looking at recipies, because although I ate Ramen and hot dogs that first week and sustained my sick self on Gatorade and a can (yes, A can) of chicken noodle soup last week, it may be time to learn to cook. But food is expensive, so maybe I should just sacrifice and then be able to afford the shoes? I just can't decide.

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