Sunday, March 06, 2005

It's All Just Gone To Hell This Week

It got sort of cold last week, snowing and everything, and suddenly our room got cold too. Typically, our room isn't warm, but it was verging on ridiculous--you could feel a temperature change when you went into the hallway. So we decided to turn on the heater, which would normally be a good idea. However, we have never used the heater in our room, first because we don't want it to get too hot and second because we could never figure out how to turn it on. We realized this week that it is actually broken. Go figure. So, no heat. No big deal, it's gotten warmer today so we didn't really need it. But on Friday night our light burned out. There are several things that are difficult to do without light:

  • do your hair
  • do homework
  • find anything you need
  • see things that you might step on and hurt yourself with
So getting ready to go to Big/Little Reveal last night was interesting to say the least. Hopefully we will get this all fixed before break. I'd rather not spend the next five days in cold darkness. I'm pasty white enough as it is.

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