Thursday, February 10, 2005

I spell disorganization M-U-P-R-I-N-T-C-E-N-T-E-R

If you are on Miami University's campus today from 12-4 you better stop in the CPA or Shriver and buy some of our cookies. Oh and we have Puppy Chow. So come. Okay?

I had to do an English project that required me to created a laminated and bound instruction booklet. Christina let me use her laminator, so all that was left was the binding. It's pretty cheap to get things done like that on campus, so I went over to the University Print Center. There was one other customer there, but it was 15 minutes before they asked me what I wanted. 10 minutes later, Cliff, the friendly desk worker, took my carefully cut and laminated pages to the back. 10 more minutes later, he brought my carefully cut and laminated pages back in a torn up mess--"something must be wrong with the hole punch thing." Yes, obviously.

So, I was there for another half an hour trying to help the people reprint another one. Unfortunately, I had put a lot of time into lining up the pages and making them double-sided. They did not want to take that time, so they tried about a hundred times to get that thing to print double-sided the right way. And it wasn't working and they were trying to make me sit there while they did it and I was thinking, "You ruined my work. All my work is sitting in a mauled pile on that desk." Eventually they let me leave and told me it would be ready later. After two phone calls ("'Could you e-mail us that file? We lost it.") they finally let me know I would be able to pick up my new booklet. THANK YOU, Cliff.

I went the next morning to pick it up, and this lady comes running into the office from the back. "Do you have your booklet?"
"Oh. They're printing one right now, we didn't think it was finished." Sprints frantically to the back room. "Stop! Don't laminate, don't laminate! We don't need that! Stop!" was an interesting experience. So, moral of the story: Don't use the Print Center, and buy my damn cookies.

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