Sunday, September 12, 2004

Noise from the Second Floor

Last year, Cassie and I joked about the weird sound we'd always hear from the room above us--sort of like someone dropping a box of ping pong balls. This year, it's not funny. at all.

The girls who live above us are never sleeping. As I type this sentence, they are scraping furniture across the room. Earlier it sounded like they were jumping up and down, and when they aren't doing that, they are playing ridiculously loud music (I will say that they have pretty good taste. but still.) or having AIM conversations with those really obnoxious messaging sounds playing. The other night after the football game, the baritone section came over and we hung out until 3:30 and I kid you not, they were playing music when everyone left. And it isn't just at night. It's all day, all the time. I think they hop around and sing while they study or something. It's getting to be a little unnerving.

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