Monday, September 06, 2004

Good Times In Chicago

Christina decided to head to Chicago to visit her friend David for Labor Day weekend, and I went along. For her version of the weekend, read her blog. Here are some of my favorite parts:

Christina and I always have fun when we drive somewhere together, and this weekend was no exception. On I-70 in Indiana, we kept passing and being passed by an SUV with two college-age guys in it. At first we were just waving to each other (what else are you supposed to do when there are people staring at you from about 3 feet away?) and then they started motioning for us to flash them. Not only did Christina NOT pull away from them, but she also started pointing at me as if I was going to do it. Fortunately the whole thing was cut short when we saw a statey sitting up ahead and decided to slow down.

When we got to Chicago, some of David's friends were at his apartment so we hung out there for the night and then walked to the beach of Lake Michigan. David decided to go for a swim but everyone else just stuck with putting their feet in. It was a little too cold for us...

Saturday David, Christina and I went to the Chicago Art Institute and Millenium Park where we met up with Christina's aunt and uncle for lunch. Millennium ParkWe walked down the Magnificent Mile (but made no purchases) and went back to the apartment to watch Ferris Buehler's Day Off. For the rest of the weekend, our motto was, "The question isn't what are we going to do, the question is, what aren't we going to do?" We had some amazing Thai food for dinner and then went out on the town with David and Tom, visiting some of David's friends' parties.

Sunday we watched movies and had Chicago-style pizza for dinner, which was really good. Christina brought one back and if you are nice to us maybe we'll let you have some. That night we went to see Second City, an SNL type of comedy show. It was pretty funny, but I think Christina and I would agree that our walk to/from the L by ourselves was much more...exciting. Our plan was "don't look lost so we don't get shot." It worked, and we got back at around 1:30 to have Tom's new Ramen-noodle dish ("I'll name it after you girls") and pack our stuff to come home. Even if I don't get everything done today that I should have, it was definitely worth the great weekend I had.

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