Monday, August 30, 2004


I got a lot of work done today so I'm feeling pretty good. I just hope I can stay this motivated for the rest of the semester.

I was just trying to answer some questions that my biology professor posted online, and I am having a terrible time. I am an English major, through and through. There is no doubt about it. But seriously, could you answer these questions if this was the sort of grammar you had to decipher to get to a comprehensible sentence!?

7) On page 11 the author writes “Neither did it notice the last martin in 1925, nor the arrival of the first starling in 1923.”?

I can understand a scatterbrained mistake in writing--I make them all the time. But when you have word leaving those squiggly lines under your incorrect phrases, run-on sentences, unneccessary question marks, and redundancy all packed into nine short questions, I just can't stand it. For number 7 I just wanted to answer, Yes, he does write that. It's oh-so-interesting.

But we all know I never would.

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