Sunday, August 01, 2004

"Let's make something"

It all started out with those three words...
Last week, my high school had their band camp. My mom volunteered my house for a get-together on Tuesday night, so Scott and Jimmy decided they wanted to bake something ("you know, something cool that we've never made before. Like...a souffle maybe?") to have at the party that night, but of course they needed some guidance. So on their afternoon break, Scott and I went to the grocery store to get the ingredients Scott and Loren's Surprise Cakefor a layer cake. As we baked, I learned something: Scott has never really cooked anything. I think what he did to help was wait around until his mom or grandma finished whatever they were doing and then he got to lick the bowl and spoon. I had to tell him repeatedly that this is something you do after you finish using them, and that you really should leave less batter in the bowl than you put into the oven. It was a stressful situation for Scott, but in the end we ended up something that looked like a big, frosted and sprinkled mound of strawberry pie filling and german chocolate cake. I was a little worried about it but it actually tasted pretty good. We threw around a few ideas and then settled on naming it Scott and Loren's Surprise Cake, because Surprise! it actually worked out. If you're interested in trying some, maybe we'll make you one. I think next time we'll make a bowl of batter just for Scott to eat though.

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