Thursday, August 05, 2004

The 'Brave Explorers' do Cosi

Yesterday I chaperoned for Park Program’s field trip to Cosi. I don’t think I’ve ever explained the Park Program, although I’ve mentioned it: it’s a sort of day-camp thing run through our local recreation department, basically free baby-sitting from 9-5 Monday through Friday. Every once in a while they’ll go on a field trip, and since I’m friends with some of the workers and since we have the same boss (the rec dept.), they asked me to help today. I said sure.

I got to the park today to find about 50 extremely energetic kids anxiously waiting to get on a school bus. One little girl, Katie, recognized me as “Loren the Lifeguard” and immediately clung to me. Another little girl followed suit and for basically the entire bus trip I shared my seat with two girls who both wanted to sit on my lap and have my attention.

When we got to Cosi, which is a big science-is-fun-so-play-with-this-great-stuff museum, I got my group of five kids and we headed off to the exhibits. After a little too much confusion in the Adventure area, my group decided to name themselves the “Brave Explorers” Group. the kids playing in the Ocean room That way if they were split up, all I’d have to do is yell, “Brave Explorers!” And they’d come running. I’m sure it would have worked, but I didn’t try. Besides, Katie had not let go of my hand since we got off the bus, and another girl realized that I had been her swimming lessons teacher, so two out of five were never far away, and hey—that’s pretty good. The rest of the day was fun but uneventful. We walked around with Kristen’s group and consequently ended up with two Dillons and a Dalton, which was rather confusing. After a snack of fruit roll-ups and the unavoidable stop at the gift store late in the afternoon, we headed home. Evidently the day was pretty exciting for my group because all of them curled up on their bus seats and slept most of the way from Columbus. Katie made herself comfortable on my lap with her newly-purchased rubber snake shortly after we pulled out of the parking lot and didn’t wake up until we were back in Loudonville. Oh…there’s nothing like spending a day with the park kids…

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