Friday, July 16, 2004

Just a Basic Update

I know that I haven't been very good about posting the things I've been up to lately. There is one good reason for that: there just haven't been many at all. My last day off was July 4th, and I just did a post on work, so here are a few things I thought were worthy of sharing with the masses of people who read my blog:

First of all, I am getting a crazy tan this summer. Every year I say, "Loren, this year you're going to stay as un-tan as possible." And then every year, it starts out the same way: I buy the spf 30 instead of 45. I say, "one day of borrowing the spf 8 and then I'll start wearing my 30. I just need that base color." I start comparing my tan to everyone else's, and I start trying to even out my tan lines. Then it's all over. I'm done. I just keep thinking, "I can be a little darker." My hair has also bleached out, and it's really easy to see where the dye I used in the spring has grown out because it's bleaching a lot faster. I was shocked to see a definite blonde looking back at me in the mirror tonight. I liked it, which is weird considering that in three months I'll want to be a brunette again.

Jimmy's girlfriend just got back from Korea and brought us all cool presents. I got this pretty little traditional Korean doll and I like it a lot. Very fun.

I'm just about to finish The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. Hopefully I'll get around to writing a post dedicated to this unfortunate thriller-meets-controversial-material novel sometime in the next few days.

I have managed to see nine movies already this summer. I would like to go for a higher number, but I'm afraid that my finances won't allow it. Yes, I realize that I work all the time, but there's this little thing I got in the mail today called a tuition bill that's got me all worried. I realize that I was the recipient of a parental scholarship, but I'm still going to have to save myself some money for the next 7 or 8 months.

I'm writing this as a word document on my new laptop. I'm glad I don't have any way to connect it to the internet except to steal the cable from my desktop computer, because otherwise I think I'd be stuck to it all the time. It goes everywhere. I'm excited to take it back to school. Advice: when going to college, take a laptop. A desktop is just not practical. Do I like laptops better than desktops? No. I don’t. But I do like practicality.

Well, that's all. Time to get ready for work. Only three days left until my next day off!

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