Friday, July 23, 2004

Boyfriends, Babies, and Bands by E-Mail

Interestingly, my e-mail inbox has become the destination for virtually all sorts of spam. Sure, the nasty stuff is already filtered out, but some stuff still gets through. There are a few people who just won't stop sending stuff:
Adoption Services: they want me to adopt some poor child from another country, find a surrogate mother, or locate a donor for insemination. I'm not quite sure what got me on their mailing list. I am sure, though, that I'm not looking to adopt, and I'm certainly not going to adopt a child online.
[Insert Adjective] Singles: "Christian," "Online," "In Your Area"...I have received about three singles ads in the mail every day for the past week. Obviously, if I were interested in finding someone single online, I would have already done so. I'm also going to have to say that although it has worked for some, online dating is not for me. I guess I could build a family in a few clicks of a mouse (click! A husband. click! a Taiwanese daughter.), but I'm just not into that.
House of Blues Concerts: Ever since I went to Aerosmith, these guys have sent me an ad for every single concert Blossom has shown. I didn't realize it, but Blossom seems to be a pretty busy place: Kid Rock, Boston, Ozzfest...If it's rock and happening at Blossom, I can tell you about it. This may be the only frequent-spammer that I am unafraid to trust, but it's a little frustrating to get so many e-mails.

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