Monday, June 28, 2004

To begin my 20th year...

First, thanks to everyone who made my day happier by sending me birthday IMs--even though I fished for them in my away message.

I had a great birthday. Jimmy's friend David and I share the same birthday, and Jimmy threw him a party. But when I got home on Saturday night, they also had a little cake for me and everyone sang and it was really nice. Then yesterday morning, I got up and drove to Cassie's, where I met her, Justin, and Megan to go to the Indians game. Not only did we have great seats, but they also won (beating the Colorado Rockies. He he, Christina!), and Cassie had them put my name on the screen with all of the birthdays, so that was really exciting. Thanks Cassie!
After the game, I drove home, and it took awhile because there is this rule that I don't go somewhere without going the wrong way at least once throughout the trip. I successfully went the wrong way TWICE on my drive home, which added about 25 minutes to my travel time. Oh well. When I got home I cleaned up and Monica surprised me by meeting me at my house with Abby, and we all went out to dinner. Afterwards we had cake with my family.
Today's the Aerosmith concert...hopefully it stops raining because I don't want to go sit on the lawn in the rain. Cross your fingers for me.

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